Public Works

Stephens County Public Works was created in 2008 and is a department made up of multiple departments. It has been mostly associated with Fleet Maintenance and the Road Department, but also found under the umbrella of Public Works are Stephens County’s Convenience Sites, Bulky Item Disposal, Fleet Maintenance and Stephens County GIS (Geographic Information System).

Just as public works is made up of many departments, its function is multi-faceted to meet the needs of Stephens County Government and the public at large. The functions of Building Maintenance and the Landfill are described under their own portions of the Stephens County Website. What will be related here are the functions of Fleet Maintenance, Road Maintenance and Stephens County GIS.

Fleet Maintenance
Fleet Maintenance is responsible for providing the upkeep to practically all of the county’s vehicles and equipment. They maintain the Sheriff’s fleet of patrol cars along with the ambulance service vehicles, and the entire road maintenance fleet of vehicles, equipment, and many of the smaller department’s service vehicles.

Road Maintenance
The Road Department is responsible for the maintenance of all paved and dirt roads located within unincorporated Stephens County. Regular maintenance is crucial to provide adequate infrastructure and safety to the traveling public. Typical maintenance would include scraping and graveling of dirt roads as well as cleaning of ditches and culvert pipes as necessary. Other maintenance includes road resurfacing and new road construction as funds allow. The right-of-way crew is responsible for mowing during the warm weather growing season and contributes to other maintenance activities during the winter months. The Road Department routinely provides assistance to other county departments as needed providing services such as grading, paving, grassing, and general labor.

Online and Phone Work Request for Road Maintenance
Stephens County residents who are located on roads within Stephens County Maintenance System may request road repairs work by filling out our online form and providing the necessary information for the request to be considered. You may also call 706-886-2412 and request repairs by phone.

Click here to Request Road Repairs

The Stephens County GIS (Geographic Information System) is in the initial stages of development and is currently collecting data and providing analysis to incorporate into the new system. When fully functional, the Stephens County GIS will link information to virtually every department in Stephens County, providing the ability to share and quickly retrieve desired information making any individual department much more efficient. It also provides local digital maps containing public information to the general public.