Paying Traffic Tickets

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Citations or traffic tickets are issued in the State of Georgia for various violations of traffic law. You must respond to a citation, usually by paying a fine or appearing in court. If you fail to do so, a warrant may be issued for your arrest and your driving license may be suspended.

If you wish to dispute the citation, you must appear in court personally on the scheduled date, and enter a “not guilty” plea. Appearing in court gives you an opportunity to fight the traffic ticket in front of a judge or jury.

When you pay a ticket, you are essentially pleading guilty to a traffic offense. Motorists should be aware that receiving and paying a traffic citation could result in higher car insurance rates and points on your driving record. Your license may be suspended if you accumulate too many points on your driving record.

The Clerk of Superior Court accepts payment for tickets issued in Stephens County by the Georgia State Patrol or the Stephens County Sheriff’s Department. For payment of tickets issued by a municipal police departments, contact the city issuing the ticket.

If no accident or DUI (driving under the influence) was involved tickets may paid in the Clerk of Court’s office up to the date of the court appearance shown on the ticket. Payment may be made as follows:

Types of fines that can be paid in this manner are Speeding, No Proof of Insurance, Failing to Obey Traffic Device, and other moving violations. If the ticket was issued for No Proof of Insurance, a letter from the insurance company stating that the vehicle was covered by insurance on the day the ticket must also be presented at the time the ticket is paid.

If the ticket is not paid before the date of the court appearance shown on the ticket, appearance in court is necessary to avoid a bench warrant being issued.

If you are charged with an accident or DUI, no cash bonds (payment of tickets) are allowed and you must appear in court before the judge. If the ticket was issued for DUI, the individual will be notified by the Clerk of Court’s office of the date to appear; if for accident only, the court date is shown on the ticket.