Open Records Requests

The Official Custodian of Records for all Open Records Requests is the Stephens County Clerk.

Under the Georgia Open Records Act, all public records are available for inspection and copying unless they are specifically exempted from disclosure under the law.  If a government agency or custodian of public records withholds a public document from production under an Open Records Request, they must cite the provision of Georgia law that exempts the record from being produced.

A request to inspect or copy records may be made either orally or in writing. For purposes of documenting and clarifying the scope and timing of the request, it is a better practice to make the request in writing using the downloadable form below.

This form is not required to request routinely available records such as agendas, minutes, plats, ordinances, and resolutions. Although Open Records Requests are not required to be submitted in writing, use of this form will aid considerably in ensuring that each request is fulfilled as accurately as possible.

Click here to download an Open Records Request form
(Note that this is a “fillable” form. Save the file to your PC, open it, fill it out and send as an email attachment to County Clerk, or print and mail/bring to the Clerk.)

Click here to download 911 Open Records Request form

Click to visit the Stephens County Clerk page for contact information