North Georgia Technical College

North Georgia Technical College is the oldest technical college in Georgia. Students receive invaluable training in employability skills and hands-on experience with high-tech equipment. North Georgia Technical College is a public, two-year technical college whose mission is to provide technical education, adult literacy education, continuing education, and business and industry training. These efforts improve the quality of life of individuals by preparing them to succeed as literate and technically competent members of the workforce and by promoting the economic growth and development of the Northeast Georgia region.

NGTC President Dr. Gail Thaxton believes that higher education should be available, accessible, and affordable to whomever needs to pursue it. Technical colleges have a very unique niche in their mission of training and educating people to enter the workforce quickly. North Georgia Tech stays clear and focused on that mission.  NGTC’s highly trained faculty and staff are focused on the success of each student. Using state of the art equipment, employing cutting edge techniques, and leveraging partnerships with local industries, the college ensures that enrollment, graduate rates, and job placement rates remain strong.

Courses are offered in a wide variety of venues ranging from traditional classroom to those that make use of advancing technology. Many instructors also employ internet delivery for web-assisted, online, and hybrid classes. The Distance Learning Classroom lab broadcasts audio and video from one campus to another, allowing students to cut down on commute times for program classes that are offered only a few times a year. Across the miles, the instructor is able to communicate with students in real-time via high-speed fiber optic connections.

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