Marshal’s Office

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Example Issues to Submit:
Animal Nuisance
Neglected Property
Animal Carcass Removal

The Marshal’s Office is tasked with the responsibility of enforcing the codes and ordinances of Stephens County.  This is accomplished through the identification, investigation and prosecution of violations when necessary.  Most violations are identified by complaints that come from the citizens of the county, but the Marshals also employ active patrolling of the county to identify problem areas that may need immediate attention.  Our objective is to work with our citizens to provide a safe and clean environment for them to work and live in.

Another responsibility of the Marshal’s Office is to provide security for the Magistrate Court and for the Board of Commissioners meetings as well as any other governmental meetings where security is requested. Due to the public nature of a majority of these meetings, the safety of all who attend is top priority.

Early in 2021, animal control was added to the duties of the Marshal’s Office.  Marshals respond to animal issues in the City of Toccoa as well as those in the county.  We focus on issues such as animal confinement, rabies vaccination requirements, and abuse/neglect cases.  The Marshal’s Office works with the Humane Shelter to take care of any humane issues that may arise.