Jury Duty Phone Scam

The FBI has provided a warning to the public against an ongoing scheme involving jury service. The public needs to be aware that individuals identifying themselves as court or law enforcement official have been contacting citizens and advising them that they have been selected for jury duty. Another version of the scam involves receiving a phone call advising you that you have missed jury duty and a warrant for your arrest has been/will be issued. They then offer to have you pay a fee to squash the warrant. These individuals ask to verify names and Social Security numbers, then ask for credit card numbers or instruct you to buy a specific gift card. If the request is refused, citizens are then threatened with arrest and/or fines.The judicial system does not contact people by phone and ask for personal information such as your Social Security number, date of birth or credit card numbers. If you receive one of these phone calls, do not provide any personal or confidential information to these individuals. This is an attempt to steal or to use your identity by obtaining your name, Social Security number and potentially to apply for credit or credit cards or other loans in your name. It is an attempt to defraud you.If you have already been contacted and have already given out your personal information, please monitor your account statements and credit reports, and contact your local FBI office. Local FBI field office telephone numbers can be found in the front of your local telephone directory or on www.fbi.gov.