Human Resources

The human resources department is responsible for coordinating various personnel functions; such as recruitment and selection of new employees; orientation, payroll processing, benefits administration, worker’s compensation insurance, and other related issues. This department also maintains and processes payroll records and keeps all personnel and payroll files and coordinates benefit information between our employees and brokers or insurance companies.

Contact this department by phone 706-886-9491 Ext. 9306 or fax 706-886-2185.
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Stephens County is in compliance with Georgia Code (O.C.G.A. Section 13-10-91), which requires that all public employers register and participate with E-Verify. Stephens County has been participating in the E-Verify system since March 12, 2008. The Stephens County ID number is 106677.

Human Resource/Payroll Specialist Tori Williams has been employed by Stephens County Board of Commissioners since  January 2021, and serves as the Safety Coordinator for Stephens County.