Tax Relief Grant

The Homeowners Tax Relief Grant was authorized for the first time by the Governor and the General Assembly in 1999. In any year the General Assembly may appropriate funds for a tax relief credit and shall specify the eligible assessed value of each qualified homestead receiving one of the normal homestead exemptions. This tax relief is shown on the property tax bill as a credit against taxes that otherwise would have been due. The Homeowners Tax Relief Grant was withdrawn by the state in 2008.

Tax Commissioner Note: This grant will be solely from the legislature each year and is dependent upon future state funds being available. Should state funds not be available to grant this credit, your taxes will increase as the county and the county school system is reimbursed each year from the state by the amount of the credits granted on your tax bill. If state funds should not be available for disbursement, your tax bill will increase with no fault of the Tax Commissioner, the county or county school system.