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Permit Documents For more information click here to visit the Building Inspections page.

Obtaining a Building Permit
Building Permit Fees
Application for Previously Owned Manufactured Home
Commercial Building Permit Application Driveway Permit Application
Electrical Permit Application Locating/Relocating a Manufactured Home
Homeowner Permit Affidavit
Manufactured/Mobile Home Installation Application
Mechanical Permit Application

Plumbing Permit Application
Power Only Inspection
Residential Building Permit Application

Sign Permit Application

Swimming Pool Permit Application

911 Forms

911 Business Information Form 911 Homeowner Information Form 911 Employment Application911 Livestock Information Form 911 Open Records Request 911 Address Verification Letter Request

Misc Forms

 Building and Grounds Maintenance Request
Commissioners Meeting Appearance Form

Contractor Affidavit
Notice of Timber Harvesting Activity
Open Records Request
SAVE Affidavit for Business
Stephens County Employment Handbook